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"My best friend closed his eyes last night, as his head was in my hands ..
There was nothing harder than saying goodbye to our dear and devoted friend Raiden. We have come to believe that you don't  ever get over it, you just get through it.
Losing a friend means taking time to reflect on your life and the time you spent together.  Cherishing the memories and the moments.
Raiden's beautiful energy and playful nature is something that made him such a special part of our family, only to be taken from us far to early.
Anyone who has ever loved a dog, regardless of the breed, has known the very special magic that they give us. Some dogs have
an amazing capacity for loving us. This capacity to love is so profound that most of us are convinced that if there is such a thing as a soul,
then they must possess this as well.
Although it was such a short time he was with us, we know our tears that fall will be replaced with happiness and smiles of the memories that remain.

R.I.P Raiden Gray (Koolrunnings Gray Raiden) 20th February 2009.


Cory (02/08/07 - 16/07/08)

Cory's short life ended on 16 July 2008 at 11 months old after 6 weeks of specialised treatment resulting in partial amputation after an infection. Complications meant Cory would not have any quality of life so he's now in a better place. Though short, we'll never forget the impact this quality puppy of body and soul made on us and he lives on, by driving our passion to continue to produce his quality again.



R.I.P Rubiss

RUBISS Ch Hugamal Awsum Paws Sum (29 April 1995 - 17 Feb 2008)



Breaker was a dream come true for any breeder, at 12 months of age, he became an Australian Champion, Best in Group winner, Multi Runner up Best in Group winner, over 35 classes in group, 15 classes in Show and won his class in show and several property classes at 3 back to back Speciality shows in Sydney and Melbourne.

Breaker was my first BEST IN SHOW WINNER, a handling experience that I'll never forget.
Breaker become a dad to 7 gorgeous puppies to Chevy. "Slater" Ch Koolrunnings Ride the Wave and "Beyonce" Ch Koolrunnings Destiny WTD both in the ring and displaying the wonderful attributes of both parents.

It was agreed for Breaker to be campaigned in New Zeland for the 12 months Clancy came to Australia from USA. With Clancy's mission extended another 12 months, Breaker too stayed on in New Zealand. I flew over to visit in Sept 2004 and won his BIS and again with my breeders Terry & Gloria Toussaint and friend, Olivia Ciguenza ( Beyonce's Mum) in July 2005. I didn't know this would be the last time I'd see my gorgeous boy.

Breaker was my first born Splash son, a very emotional breeding and significant litter. Breaker was my stand out puppy from day one. We developed a bond quickly in and out of the show ring. He was an amazing dog giving 100% to everything he did. He has a special character, big and tuff but a gentle giant and I'd look into his chocolate brown eyes and we'd both melt but he knew I was the boss. Others too noticed the special something he had, also christened "bucket boy" for his hilarious antics Breaker was one in a million. I couldn't wait to get my boy home, he was my big future and I was looking forward to this summer, sipping a Gin & Tonic out the back watching him tear around my yard with his mum Splash again. Two months shy of his Australian home coming, Breaker I believe was over night paralysed and hospitalised. On a 24 hr drip to manage his pain x-rays, a myelogram and much blood work the following Monday I was advised by his specialist it was time to go.

I'll never get over not being there myself, nor forgive myself for letting him leave my home.

Good bye Breaker, you sure did make plenty of waves in your beautiful life and I'll miss you forever.


Phoenixx (-22 December 1997)

Phoenixx is an Awsum son and the father to Kosmo. Phoenixx's sire is the litter brother to Kane.  Phoenixx was bred to mend my broken heart after losing Kane. He was a delight from the moment he was born to the day he died. He became an Australian Champion by 12 months old, a beautiful young dog who had an enviable show career, finishing with a Best of Breed, he'll not be beaten and will stay forever young.

Phoenixx's tale.........written by Catherine Loft, hours after his untimely death.

None of this is yet real to me as I type, the smile on his face only left a few hours ago. But, through my pain and damp keyboard I must reach out to those who understand and know it all too well, those who care and won't think of me as that 'nutty crazy woman'. Heartache in the dog world is all too much sometimes.

If only I had known yesterday was our last day together, nothing prepares you for the shock of a life lost so young, nothing is harder than the final goodbye to the ones you love.

When you think the pain is so great, and all the bad things have passed over a treacherous 2 years, fate has a way of cruelly dishing out more, I'm left asking Why me? The greatest gift of love has left me and we have only summered and wintered once. No one has the answer as there is no answer.

Little baby Phoenixx came to me as more than just a puppy, he was bred to ease the pain of loosing my first Malamute Kane. Phoenixx was named very appropriately "Phoenixx Rising" as in the resurrection, a new beginning. He served his purpose to the fullest, now it's all so ironic. He was just too good to be true and as I was told this morning "only the good die young".

In the show ring this little guy excelled. He was born for it, loved it. He ran in the ring with ease and confidence, showing his heart out. Phoenixx went down a winner, his last show taking BOB, and now baby no one can beat you. But at home, he was my lap dog, all he wanted was to be loved, whether he was sitting on my lap or standing at my feet, he was happy just to be with someone. Phoenixx had a smile for everyone, never nasty and everyone loved him it was just his presence. For those of you who met him, say goodbye to a great ambassador of our breed.

The legacy of Phoenixx will live on, he has given me a beautiful son and daughter and they are here to remind me of his Zest for life.

Last night, my parents and my sister and I were enjoying a delightful prawn salad. Phoenixx was spread out on the couch as usual under the ceiling fan. I had just placed Awsum and Phoenixx's Christmas presents under the tree, including his Santa stocking full with chewies. Santa also brought Baby Phoenixx (as we called him) a Teddy Bear, soft toys were his favourite. For some reason I decided to give him his Teddy that night, Phoenixx curled up on the couch and proceeded to lick his new Teddy. It was so cute I called in my Dad to check it out. By the time we'd had dinner, Teddy's head was ripped off, we laughed. The dogs went to bed about midnight and I kissed them good night as always.

This morning, at 6am I was woken by my mother. My sister had left early and was disturbed by not being greeted good morning by Phoenixx. Mum said "there is something wrong, he's just lying there". I raced to him, there he was motionless.......his tongue blue, eyes open, stiff. Screaming we raced to the vet who could only announce there was nothing we could do, he was gone.

Back home, a tiger snake was found in the yard, it was dead, bitten in half. The heat brings the snakes out of the bush in search for water, and little Phoenixx thought he was invincible.

Mum and I bathed Phoenixx in water and oil called "joy of life", he deserved to look his best. My Dad dug a hole in our orchid. We wrapped Phoenixx in his favourite blankie, gave him his headless Teddy and a new bunny, I wrote my words of goodbye and left that with him too. I tied his ribbons to his legs, and buried him with flowers on a nice comfy mat. My Dad made a cross which I painted white, attached a beautiful photo of the two of us and wrote in Black "RIP my sunshine, your two mummies will love you forever, Catherine & Awsum".

As I laid him to rest his spirit was set free. I know he'll always be around, looking out for me and protecting me. How special am I....

You're a free spirit now Phoenixx, go run with the angels, you always were one of them I told him.

In Memory of Phoenixx

...........For if Phoenixx be well remembered, if sometimes he leaps through my dreams as in actual life, eyes kindling, laughing, begging, it matters not where he sleeps.

On a hill where the wind is unrebuked and the trees are roaring, or beside a dam he knew in puppy hood, or somewhere in the flatness of an orchid where the most exhilarating kangaroo's graze. It is one to Phoenixx, and all one to me, and nothing is gained and nothing lost - if memory lives. But there is one best place to bury Phoenixx.

If I bury him in this spot, he will come to me when I call - come to me over the grim, dim frontiers of death, and down the well remembered path to my side again. And though I may call a dozen living dogs to heel, they shall not growl at Phoenixx, nor resent him coming for he belongs there.

People may scoff at me, who see no lightest blade of grass bent by his footfall, who hear no whimper, people who have never really loved a dog. I smile at them, for I shall know something that is hidden from them.

The one best place to bury Phoenixx is in the heart of his master.............






Owned by N. Sheeran, A. White & C. Loft. Mia was only 9 months old when she died from eating a poisonous Cyad Plant.

Chilly Willy (-Jan 2005)

Owned by Pam & John Bloxham of Bargo NSW. Chilly Willy died of a snake bite in January 2005


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